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Subaru BRZ forged pistons CR:10 PIN:22mm

  • Place Of Original: Made In China
  • Delivery: 3-7days for stock, 60days for order
  • Pack: Neutral pack or as request
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BMW forged parts 1

Subaru BRZ forged pistons CR:10 PIN:22mm

Subaru BRZ forged pistons 1 SET for 1 Engine used, including the parts as below:

  • Piston x 4 pieces
  • Piston pin x 4 pieces
  • Pin lock x 8 pieces
  • Piston ring x 4 cyl  (all our piston kits come with RIK piston ring)


Quick Details for Subaru EJ20 forged pistons and other models:

EngineCylBore(mm/in)CH(mm/in)Pin Size(mm/in)CRStroke(mm/in)

Photos :

Subaru BRZ forged pistons CR:10 PIN:22mm Toyota 86 forged pistons Toyota 86 forged pistons



Pistons forged from 4032-grade aluminum alloy
CNC machine pins
Each piston deburred by hand
Machined ring grooves for low-drag, light-weight rings
Asymmetrical valve pockets
Precision milling for maximum weight savings without compromising strength
Anti-friction coating skirt coating reduces drag, scuffing, friction, and cylinder bore wear


Inspection of CNC machining processes to Guarantee tough quality
Inspection of property parameter of metal
Chemical Inspection
Mechanical Inspection
Hardness Inspection
Piston blank dimension Inspection
Tolerance Inspection
Machining Precision Inspection
Weight Balance Inspection
If you want to custom design your performance piston, feel free to contact us.



About us:

Guangzhou Forged Piston Home Ltd is a China supplier for forged pistons and forged connecting rods.  After several years of rapid development, now we provide over 60 molds for pistons and nearly 200 molds for connecting rods. Our preference engine parts are widely used in Automotive to Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobiles, and Marine Engines, Such as BMW Audi VW Mercedes-Benz Honda Acura Mitsubishi Nissan Toyota Mazda Ford Isuzu GM/Chevrolet Yamaha, etc.


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