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Performance enthusiasts and custom engine builders prefer the use of forged pistons because they are more durable and easily customized to any configuration, which is essential in engine tuning. The main characteristic that makes forged pistons excel in high performance applications is strength and durability.

It is true that forged pistons are heavier than cast pistons, but this is counteracted by the ability to provide a high compression ratio inside the engine, enabling the engine to rev higher and produce more power. Most turbocharged and high performance car models use forged pistons because they’re more tolerant to the abuses of extreme heat, detonation and pressure inherent in performance oriented engines

Raw Materials

All our pistons choose 4032 aluminum. A high silicon content greatly reduces aluminum expansion rate, which means that with this single addition to its mixture, the piston can now run with tighter cold clearances.

This additional silicon content, also improves this alloy’s durability, A 4032 piston will maintain the proper ring groove clearance and seal for more miles traveled.

4032 vs. 2618 Piston Material Differences, How to say by JE, click the link here

forged pistons Raw materials 4032
forged piston drawing

Design & Drawing

Our engineer has more than 15 years of experience work of piston design, to make piston lighter but keep strong.

If you have samples and want produce same, kindly pls send samples to us, we can supply Drawing as your samples and produce same.

CNC Machining

All our pistons are made from high tensile and fatigue resistance 4032 material, designed and evaluated by 3D software, 100% Computer Controlled Numeric(CNC) machined.

forged pistons cnc maching
4032 forged pistons
B48 forged pistons green color


  1. natural color-aluminum color
  2. Moly-black color
  3. Moly-red color
  4. Moly-green color
  5. Moly-customed color1.

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